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The Global Resilience Fund is constantly learning and evolving. Through our reports and blog, we share lessons and reflections to nourish and strengthen the girls and young feminist ecosystem. Stay updated by signing up for our email newsletter. 

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We need to show-up with the same bravery and resilience that girls and youth activists bring to all of their activism. One of the most important ways to support their organizing is resourcing their vital efforts.


By making a donation to the Global Resilience Fund, you will be supporting the leadership, movements, and activism of girls and youth that, without doubt, is critical to building a world of justice, freedom, and dignity.

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At the heart of the Fund, is the leadership, wisdom, and voice of the Activists Panelists who decide where the funding goes, co-design the strategy of the Fund, and lead the accompaniment efforts. We invite you to learn their stories, and amplify and celebrate their brave and resilient efforts. 

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Read the Weathering the Storm Report, an offering that expands on our lessons and reflections from the past year of resourcing girl and young activist-led work globally against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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